Cannabis has been used for many purposes such as for medicinal purposes to manufacture CBD oil and other cannabis products for spiritual purposes.

A good number of people use cannabis to improve their spiritual awakening. However, it is a gamble especially for amateurs who are not used to the trick. Before using cannabis for spiritual purposes, there are some factors that you should take note off.

Factors To Consider For The Spiritual Use Of Cannabis

  • Right dosage
  • The strain of the cannabis
  • Frequency of use
  • The mentality or attitude towards cannabis
  • Mental health
  • The ability to control the high

You can get some wisdom from cannabis spiritual leaders to guide you on how to use cannabis for spiritual awakening properly.

How Cannabis Affects Spirituality

Many people would wonder how getting high will help you get closer to your highest supreme leader. It is simple.

Cannabis will help you amplify the illusions in our minds and make them feel real. It also creates a relaxed and open-hearted atmosphere that’s ideal for spiritual meditation. However, it is important that when using the herb spiritually, you use it meditatively with the right intention and focus. Otherwise, it would just be about getting high.

When you have the right intention in mind, the effects of cannabis will manifest the right spiritual intentions and assist you to free your heart from negativity and help you achieve greater spiritual awakening.

The use of the herb for spiritual meditation is known to improve the healing power of cannabis. Marijuana energizes and relaxes the mind. A relaxed mind will connect well with your heart. This is a great spiritual feeling that can help you have a feel of great connection with your Maker.

Using marijuana requires you to ignore the immediate high and focus on your state of wellbeing in preparation for the post-marijuana experience.

As a beginner, it could take you a long time before you can realign and balance the process of spiritual cannabis. You will need some time to gradually rid of the past marijuana interpretations of your consciousness and replace that with spiritual awakening.

How To Control Spiritual Cannabis

To effectively use marijuana for spiritual awakening, it is vital that you avoid the high. You can do this by spending ample time doing some intense breathing. Deep breathing will help you get more relaxed and create a healthy environment for meditation. Close your eyes and concentrate on breathing.

The meditation helps you to reduce the focus on the busy mind when high. It allows oxygen to flow freely in the body, creating a relaxed feeling which activates the spiritual effects of marijuana.

The lesser you focus on the busy mind, the more you get the spiritual effects of cannabis taking over and helping you to release all your negative energies from within and heal your mind and soul.

The right use of spiritual cannabis can activate the healing benefits of marijuana and take you closer to the Highest Spiritual Being.

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