Viglink is one of the easiest ways to earn money from your blog. It helps you carry out affiliate marketing effortlessly. It is one of the few platforms that monetize your blog or site by converting the outbound links you mention in your blogs into hyperlinks that generate revenue. To help you know more about this platform, here’s a Viglink Review.

If you use Viglink in your site, you earn money for every purchase made through the outbound links in your blog.

So, if you are looking to monetize your blog, below is a review of how Viglink can help you achieve just that.

How Viglink Works

Viglink acts as a middle man between you and the affiliate networks. It removes the burden of creating affiliate accounts by tracking the networks and hyperlinking them on your behalf.

Let’s say you have a clothes blog. If you write about Adidas shoes, Viglink will convert any mention of Adidas merchandise into affiliate links. You will earn a commission anytime an online purchase is made through your links. You get 75% percent of the commission while Viglink keeps 25% of the commission.

Viglink works well with AdSense, and it is also SEO enabled since it uses Javascript. Viglink will not interfere with other affiliate links that you are already using in your blog.

There is nothing complicated with Viglink– even the setup is easy. All you are required to do is add a code line to your site source. Viglink then takes over the rest of the setup.

Like any other products and services, there are always pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of using Viglink as an intermediary for your affiliate marketing.


  • Effortless– it needs little to zero effort from you
  • Approval is instant
  • It is SEO-friendly
  • Pays on time via PayPal
  • Gives priority to the highest paying merchants
  • It supports several platforms
  • Increases revenue for your sites and blogs


  • If not optimized correctly, it converts all mentioned products into hyperlinks
  • There are few cases of broken links redirected from blogs or sites
  • Only works on browsers that support Javascript.

For Viglink to work well, it is important that your article structures are accurate. Viglink is an automated system; a poor structure might be confusing to the system. This might lead to the system linking your site to broken links which are frustrating to your users.

Overall, this Viglink Review shows that this flourishing outbound-traffic monetization service is worth a try. Explore more ways to earn money online with Viglink as your partner.