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Computers are one of the best and most reliable devices for storage. May it be music, document, video, or photo storage, they have the space for it. In this age of technology, it’s very much possible to transfer files from one device to your computer. Visit website to check some ways you can do so:

Import from Storage Device

This is probably the most common way to transfer photos to your computer. There are many storage devices out in the market, so here are the methods to transfer files from them.


Phones can also serve as photo storage. Now, here are the steps to transfer photos from your phone to your computer.

Connect your phone to a USB cable, then the cable to the port on the computer.

A notice will pop up saying that your phone has been installed. There will be options for you to choose from on what to do next. You may choose to “open a folder to view files”.

Upon opening the folder that contains your photos, you can select the ones you want and choose to either copy or move them to a designated folder on your computer.

After you have transferred your photos, do not forget to properly eject your phone from the computer before unplugging the USB cable.

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive sort of works the same way USB cable does. Here are the steps to transfer photos from the flash drive to your computer.

Plug in your flash drive to the designate USB port on your computer’s CPU, and wait for the computer to read it.

Once it reads your flash drive, you will be given options on what to do next. Choose “open folder to view files”.

Just like with your phone, go to your photos and select the ones you want to transfer to your computer.

Once selected, you may right-click or drag them to the designated folder on your computer.

After transferring the files, eject the flash drive properly, and then unplug.

Memory Card

If your photos are in a memory card, you will need a memory card reader to transfer them to your computer.

Plug in your external memory card reader to the USB port on your CPU.

Insert your memory card to the reader.

Go to “Computer” folder, then go to the card reader’s drive.

Select and drag the photos you want to transfer to a folder on your computer.

Eject the memory card safely, then unplug.

Download Online

In most websites, you can download the images easily. Social media platforms like Facebook and Facebook Messenger also allow this. To store photos in your computer by downloading them, follow these steps:

Click on the photo to see its original size.

Right-click on it and select “download” or “save image as”.

Select the folder you want to save it in.

Rename the file.

Click “save”.


This method might only be possible for computers with Bluetooth or are Bluetooth-capable.

Enable Bluetooth on your device.

Search for your computer, and pair up with it.

Enter the passcode if needed.

Select the photos you want to transfer then click “send”.


These are the easiest ways to store photos onto your computer. Remember to back up those photos despite putting them in your computer as saving them all in only one place is not recommendable in case there’s malfunction.

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