What is a good typing speed per minute? The average typing speed is 40 wpm with an accuracy of 92%. Finishing an output quickly is impractical if there are errors– errors that might lead to redrafting the article itself. Thus, aiming for an average typing speed with precision is a necessity.

Here are some tips on how to improve typing speed:

  • Improve your posture.

Having a proper sitting position is a must in improving one’s speed and accuracy. Remember to keep your back straight and keep elbows bent at the right angle. Keep at least a 50-cm distance from the screen.

  • Familiarize the home row positions.

Placing fingers on home row positions helps improve typing speed because it’s easier to get access to the other keys when typing. The left-hand index finger must be placed at ‘F’ and the right-hand index finger must be at ‘J’. Both thumbs must be placed on the space bar.

          Tip: You can pinpoint where ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys simply by sensing the small bumps on the keyboard.

  • Be acquainted with the keyboard scheme.

When typing, try to hit keys with the fingers they’ve been reserved for and return to the starting place or positions of the fingers.

  • Make use of Online Typing Tools.

While you can improve your typing speed by practicing on a regular basis, there are also online tools at your disposal which you can use for free. These tools will be of great help not only in improving your typing speed but in providing a sense of leisure and fun as well.

  • Practice diligently.

Don’t peek at the keys while typing. When practicing, control your finger movements only to what is needed to press a specific key. Don’t be too hasty when you just started to learn. After all, a habitual practice is vital for hitting the right keys.

The key is in learning the precise way. Knowing what is a good typing speed per minute is a start to help you test, rate, and improve your current speed and accuracy. With this, you can finish an article fast with minimal typographical errors or with no errors at all.


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