Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics tools today. It is a helpful tool for generating website activity statistics. This software is free and reliable, and it is packed with lots of handy features. One of the good features you should maximize is the  “secondary dimension”.

What is a Secondary Dimension in Google Analytics and how does it work?

Data generated from Google Analytics contains general information featuring website activities. That makes it hard for you to look for specific information. If you want to analyze your data meticulously, but you are given one big pile of reports, you can add a secondary dimension to your data to help you add context.

In Google Analytics, a dimension is a description or characteristic of your data. The first column in your table is an example of a dimension. In fact, the first column is always a dimension. In each dimension, you can add a secondary dimension to get a detailed report in a specific query.

For example, you want to check how many users visited your website. Google Analytics can immediately generate a report highlighting your website traffic. However, if you want to see the number of users in a specific country your website was most frequently visited, you can add a secondary dimension and you will be able to generate the detailed report you need.

Using secondary dimensions in Google Analytics helps users gain more insights. It can help business owners know how to move forward and improve their campaign.

There are 3 ways you can use a secondary dimension.

  1. Apply two primary and one secondary dimension.
  2. Maintain the primary dimension active and then place a secondary dimension.
  3. Simplify one primary dimension and then choose a secondary dimension.

Many would ask what a secondary dimension in Google Analytic’s is. Secondary dimension is a feature every business should learn to use. It is a very useful and powerful tool to get more specific input. If you know how to use Google Analytics well, the secondary dimension feature is definitely extra leverage for your business. If you need more information about what is a Secondary Dimension in Google Analytics, consult your SEO expert or explore more ways on how to maximize this feature.