With today’s trend and use of SEO, small businesses are catching up and utilizing it in promoting their business. One of the countless aspects of SEO that you should be familiar with is anchor tags.

What is an anchor tag?

An anchor tag is a link that you can click, usually underlined or in a different font color than the rest of the text, which will lead you to another site related to the tag. It can also work by redirecting you to another portion of the same site.

Anchor tags are used to redirect the reader to the related content and also credit sources that have helped add information to your content.

When to use it?

Utilizing the anchor tag can help increase the readability of your content or website. Here are some instances when to use anchor tags:

  • When you want your content to be organized

Using anchor tags can help keep your website organized. It keeps all your content in one place rather than having your reader divide their attention over many other websites.

  • When you want your reader’s experience to be convenient

Anchor tags can help make your content convenient to the reader by giving the option to skip the scrolling and go directly to a particular section. It gives the option of being direct and helps save time. This helps readers digest content that have an overwhelming amount of information on a single page.

  • When you want your business to be easily found in search engines

Particular words or phrases can help boost your business into becoming more visible in search engines. The use of anchor tags in search engines can help navigate your reader to the choose particular section of your content from the search engine page itself.

Anchor tags are becoming the norm that almost all websites are utilizing it to increase traffic on their page. If you are creating web content such as a blog or starting to put your small business online, utilizing anchor tags will help put your content out there.

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  1. Great Info Dewayne ! you are right that not only it makes your content visible to search engines but it also contributes to more visibility, makes the reader’s experience convenient by providing them sources behind words. By doing proper seo through anchor tags it will benefit your digital growth. Cheers

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