HTML is a kind of a markup language, and it’s the most commonly used among all others. Just a couple of years ago, an update for HTML was released, and it was called the HTML5. In this article, we’ll explain and help you understand what is the difference between HTML and HTML5.

What is HTML?

HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is considered by many as the primary language in the world wide web. That’s because most webpages on the internet are written in HTML and its variations.

Developers use HTML to ensure how text, hyperlink, multimedia, and other essential elements are displayed in web browsers. In HTML, tags define text structures, and some of these tags include the paragraphs, headings, and tables among others.

What is HTML5?

Over the course of the years, there have been many updates for HTML. The current HTML version that we have today is the HTML5.

HTML5 is still a markup language, but it has a lot of new and improved features that its previous versions may never have. It also eradicated some of the features from its predecessors that were not useful or efficient.

What is the Difference Between HTML and HTML5?

As they say, change is a constant thing, and that saying also applies to the world of information technology, specifically to HTML.

HTML has had periodic updates, upgrades, and new releases that brought about changes to the language. HTML5 has a primary objective of improving the world wide web experience of developers and users alike.

There are many differences between HTML and HTML5, but the most significant of all is that HTML5 has high-level video and audio support features that were not available in the previous HTMLs.

Let’s enumerate more of their differences below:

  • HTML only made vector graphics available with the use of other technologies like Flash and VML. In HTML5, vector graphics are highly supported.
  • HTML5 makes use of SQL databases as temporary data storage. HTML only allowed the use of browser cache for this purpose.
  • HTML5 supports the use of JavaScript in the background while HTML did not allow the use of JavaScript within the web browser.

HTML and HTML5 have many differences. Since the latter is the latest version with new and improved features, it is the better choice. If you’re not using the latest HTML version, it’s high time that you install it and see the difference.

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