An HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is used to create content such as texts and images on web pages. It can be considered as a programming language as well but is not exactly a true programming language. HTML can help determine how a web page may look through its texts, designs, colors, layout, aesthetic, and many more. Throughout the years, there have been numerous versions of HTML. Today, the latest version of HTML is the HTML 5.1.

Learn About HTML 5.1

The HTML 5.1 was published in November 2016. Many called this version of HTML as the gold standard because of its new features that make creating web pages more convenient. The HTML 5.1 was made with the aim to fix some issues from the previous versions. The making of the HTML 5.1 wasn’t smooth-sailing. A lot of HTML 5.1 drafts were made but were rejected because of the lack of browser vendor support and unattractive designs.

One of the new features of the HTML 5.1 is that you can add in a browser’s context menu with custom functionality. Unlike previous versions, you can now nest headers and footers if the levels are found within a sectioning content.

Adding cryptographic nonces to styles and scripts can be done in HTML 5.1. A cryptographic nonce is a number generated randomly that can only be used once. For every page request, it has to be generated.

Using zero-width images is made possible by HTML 5.1. This allows you to hide images you’ve included from users. These images are better used along with empty alt attributes.

Also, you can now separate browser contexts to avoid annoying phishing attacks. The HTML 5.1 enhanced the usage of the rel=”nooopener”. This attribute can separate browser contexts, eliminating the issue of phishing attacks.

HTML 5.1 enables web developers to create an empty option. Having an empty option is very useful if you want to make user-friendly forms.

It is expected that soon enough, a new HTML version will be released to further improve the power and efficiency of the programming world.

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