Whatsapp API allows customers and businesses to connect with each other in a very easy and secure way no matter where in the world they are. So even if your clientele is halfway around the globe, communication is still pretty easy.

If you are interested in setting up the Whatsapp API along with your Facebook Business Manager, you’ll find that the setup is very easy. We’ll guide you in setting up so that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this platform:

1. Create Your Whatsapp Account

The first thing that you have to do is create your Whatsapp account in your Facebook Business Manager. To do this, go to the Business Settings in the Business Manager and click Accounts. After that, click Whatsapp Accounts and click on Add.

If you have an existing account, click on Account Name and click on your Account (it will appear after you enter your number). If you don’t have a Whatsapp Account yet, click Create New Account. If you are creating a Whatsapp account for your client, select Client’s Account.

From there, fill up all the necessary details, especially payment method (this is for ads) and contributor roles.

2. Select the Environment

When you’re done with account creation, choose the environment. The two choices are:

  1. One Premise
  2. Amazon Web Services

You can either set up the Docker container, which is the default environment or use Amazon Web Services which is a standalone environment with the Amazon cloud as the base for your Whatsapp.

3. Register with the API Client

Now that you pretty much have everything set up, now’s the time to register with the API client and get your VName Certificate. To do this, simply go to Business Settings and then proceed to the Whatsapp Accounts. Click your account and click Manage People and Settings. From there, click Whatsapp Manager and add Number. Enter your number and business name and then click Add.

After that, go to Whatsapp Manager again and look for your registered phone number. After that, click Download and then click Get Certificate.

4. Request a Registration Code

Submit the phone number, certificate string, and business name to Whatsapp and you’ll get a code. In the account endpoint (/v1/account endpoint), enter your country code, phone number, method (SMS or voice), vname certificate string, and a pin.

Once accepted, you will receive a message saying 202 Accepted and will get a registration code. The last step would be to go to the Registering Your Account option and enter your code via the endpoint /v1/account/verify. Once everything is successful, you’ll have the response 201 Created.

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  1. hi,

    we have a verified Facebook page and we have linked our business WhatsApp to Facebook.

    however we are not able to manage WhatsApp settings via Facebook Business Manager.

    please advise on what the issue could be.


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