Let’s face it! Who doesn’t love spending less? With no doubt, we all do. Us bargain hunters have deal finding blood running through our veins. However, regardless of what advertisements might tell you, chances are you are not truly saving any money. Even so, all is not lost. Believe it or not, saving a significant amount of that hard earned cash is not as difficult as it seems. If you are looking to spend less be it online, on Amazon or at your local grocery store, there are apps that have been precisely designed to score you discounts. Even better, some of them are generous enough to return your discounts and promotions in the form of gift cards and real money. By this stage you’ve probably already heard of Honey vs Wikibuy as potential money savers, however, you’re not sure what the difference is between them. Well, we have reviewed and compared two of the most popular money saving apps below – Wikibuy vs Honey, let the showdown begin.


The truth is, most folks don’t fancy the idea of flipping through magazines and newspapers for hours with scissors at hand looking to clip coupons and promotion codes. I’m not denying that you can save money by so doing but let’s face it. It’s not an entertaining way to use your time. So, if you have been dreaming of saving money whenever you go shopping without having to invest a lot of time and effort, Honey might the Plugin for you. It is not only neat and easy to use but has also stood the test of time and passed with flying colors. Having said that, what is honey and how does it work?

What is Honey?

Honey savings screenshotIf you are have been around the world of the internet for some time now, you already must have used plug-ins one time or another or at least have about them. And that’s exactly what Honey is. To be precise, it is a browser plug-in for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers which helps you save money when shopping by applying coupons automatically where they qualify. Of these browsers, Chrome is the best choice to integrate Honey with. If you are an Internet Explorer user, I am sorry that Honey is not for you. However, you can upgrade to any of the aforementioned browsers to enjoy what it has to offer.

How does Honey Work?

Honey on ASOSRather than searching for and applying coupons the old fashioned way, it uses its highly advanced artificial intelligence when you get to a check out page by sifting through numerous coupon catalogs until it finds those that are suitable for that particular order.

After installing Honey, a pop up will appear at the checkout page of any qualifying store. All you have to do is click is click on the popup and the plugin will scan all the available coupons and automatically apply the most ideal for your order. There are also reward programs and offer in a wide array of online stores. With these programs and offers, you earn Honey Gold points depending on how you spend which can then be later redeemed for free gift cards.

Is it Free and Legitimate?

Well, this is a genuine question to ask. After all, with all it has to offer, anyone can’t stop but wonder how much they have to pay for its services. Fortunately, the service is free. But if it is a free service, is it legitimate? And how what does it get from the deal if shoppers don’t have to anything pay for it? It all lies in affiliate marketing. In simple terms, Honey has entered into affiliate deals with several popular online merchants. This means that they get a cut normally less than 5 percent from your order. However, this doesn’t imply that you pay more. As a matter of fact, Honey shares most of its revenue with its users in the form of rewards and cash backs.

Who is it for?

Literary anyone can use Honey since it is free and very user-friendly plus it only takes 30 seconds to download and set it out.

Benefits of Honey

Simplifies Discounts

Honey uses its advanced algorithms to scrap the internet and user submissions to create a vast database of coupons which are then availed to shoppers. And though you might not always get a coupon when shopping, you can rest assured that if there is one out there in the wild Honey has got it.

Safe and Legitimate

Honey on AmazonDespite the fact that honey is free, it is safe and legitimate to use. Most doubts that shoppers have stemmed from their failure to understand the business model that they use. It helps shoppers find and use coupons then earns affiliate fees when such orders are completed. Besides, they are also one of the most legitimate and transparent companies which don’t sell user data.

Drop list for Amazon

Amazon coupons are only eligible for specific products since the e-commerce giant doesn’t allow site-wide coupons. To combat this, the plugin is designed with special Amazon tools such as drop list which tracks lowest prices and also notifies you when prices go down.

Best Price Feature

Amazon displays only the prices they have chosen but this doesn’t mean that these are the lowest ones. Most of the times, there are better and cheaper deals from third-party sellers usually under New and Used section and honey does all it can to show you these deals and prices.

Cashback from Certain Stores

This is the money you might get after purchasing certain items. However, don’t bank on it but it is surely a good way to save money even if it was one dollar.


Few other apps in this category offer their services for free. Most that say so are not legitimate apps and you can end up losing your money after using them. However, Honey is 100% FREE and also very Legitimate.

The Cons

Unknown Cashback Amounts

Though they give cash back to their users, they leave a lot to be desired. For instance, shoppers have no idea of how much they are going to get as a cash back making it a guessing game.

No Mobile App

Despite being around for a considerable amount of time, there is no mobile app for online shoppers who like to shop from the comfort of their phones. Personally, I would like to see Honey improve on that.

The Verdict

From my personal experience, over 95% of the coupons work. But don’t get it wrong, Honey is not magic and sometimes some of the coupons might not work. However, I can’t stop but appreciate the fact that it eliminates the grunt work out the whole process. Therefore, when shopping online be it for pizza, travel tickets, books or groceries use it and you can rest assured that you will never overpay for anything ever again.

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Wikibuy is more of the new kid in school when it comes to shopping plug-ins and apps that help shoppers save money. However, its rapid explosion in terms of fame and popularity has made it the go-to app if you really want to save money when shopping. Being a long time user of Honey, I was under the impression that Wikibuy would be more of a clone of this popular app but to be honest it is not. I mean, there is a lot to be desired and admired. Besides being a browser plugin that is compatible with Firefox and Chrome there is an iOS app for shoppers using iPhones. Moreover, rumors say that an Android version of the app is being developed. When it comes to searching coupons and applying them, Wikibuy is with no doubt much more ahead than Honey in several aspects and facets.

I mean, besides looking up for coupons, there are better and more supercharged tools and features. With it, you get the freedom and autonomy to shop by product and store and there is also a wide array of points and rewards that can be used to saving more money.

How Does it Work?

Wikibuy HomepageAfter installing it on your favorite browser, an icon will automatically appear on the tab. All you have to do is to click on the extension’s icon and it will automatically start looking for eligible coupons and offers in your favorite shopping sites.

Detailed Step Through

Wikibuy Mobile App
Once you are done shopping on your favorite online store, Wikibuy will become activated after getting to the checkout page. If it doesn’t automatically suggest offers and promotions, click on its icon which is typically on the extensions or add on tabs. Once it is active, click on “Try codes” then proceed to check out. If any valid and eligible coupon codes are found, it will automatically apply it your order and you will see a change in the price reflected on the shopping cart.

There are also online stores that have special partnerships with Wikibuy and they offer Credits. When shopping on such stores, click on Wikibuy extension to activate it and it will inform you whether you qualify to have a percentage of the order as cash back. If it is eligible, clicking okay on the pop up that appears will credit points to your account which can then be used afterward to buy more products on stores that are eligible.

Where is Wikibuy Available?

It is available for install on a wide variety of browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. There is also an IOS app which is available for those with iPhones. This app uses augmented reality to showcase products so that buyers can be sure that they’ve made the right decision.

It can also be used on thousands of online stores and if you would like to buy credits, you can link your credit card when shopping on local online stores. For instance, you can redeem Wikibuy credits when eating at your favorite diner or restaurant.

The Benefits

Very Easy to Install and Use

After a successful install, the app is free and very easy to use. Anyone even those who are not internet savvy will find it user-friendly.

More Coupons and Offers

Unlike honey, its features allow you to search for more coupons codes and offers which means that you can save more with it.

Available for iOS

Those with iPhones can use it to shop from the comfort of their palms. An Android app is also under development for android users. This is what by far differentiates it from honey which is not available for mobile devices.

The Cons

Less Compatibility

Wikibuy is not compatible with many browsers compared to honey

Inaccurate Prices

Users have often complained that the price feature is not accurate and that it sometimes pulls up inaccurate coupons for sites like eBay.

The Verdict

Despite being a new entrant in the realm of money-saving apps, it has distinguished itself as the crème dele crème and the go to when looking to save money when shopping online. And though it might have a fair share of minor problems and kinks, you should give it a try and see what it has to offer. After all, if it doesn’t meet your needs and preferences, there is always an option to uninstall it and shift to other services like Honey. All in all, Wikibuy is a worthy contender that deserves to be given a shot.


In the great debate of which app will save you more money shopping, the showdown of is a clash of the titans. Both have some unique benefits that suit certain shoppers. If you feel one stood out from the other, then you go girl, sign up to that service. All in all, this writer ended up choosing Honey as the preferred shopping assistant and haven’t looked back since.

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