The world of the Internet was changed with the introduction of search engines. With these useful online services, one could easily have the solution to the world’s problems at the click of a button. Being one of the world’s first search engines, Yahoo! Inc. has had a huge role in the development of the industry since its inception in 1994. And over the years, with changes in technology, the Yahoo logo is something that has gone multiple changes too.

So what is Yahoo first of all? Yahoo is a world-famous Internet service which works as a search engine, web portal service as well as an established e-mail directory. It stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’. Let us have a look at how the Yahoo logo has changed over the years


The original Yahoo logo was just the word Yahoo written in plain words. The owners wanted to convey a message at how simple and fun Yahoo was to use.


After a successful year in the open market, Yahoo changed their logo to add a yellow ‘Y man’ leaping over a blue circle. Underneath the circle, the plain old Yahoo! wordmark was written. This signified the leap technology and humankind had taken over the years.


The shiny yellow man was removed after a year, with just the wordmark Yahoo used as a logo in red colour. The red represented the symbol of power and activeness that Yahoo as gained as the no. 1 search engine in the world.


The most recent purple coloured Yahoo! Logo has been around since September 2013. With the company struggling behind the leaders Google Inc. now, they decided to hold a “30 Days of Change” campaign starting August 7. At last, on September 5, the company decided to change its logo to the current version representing the fresh attitude and outlook of the company.

Yahoo Font

The company has more or less stuck with a sans serif font over the years. Only in their latest design, they came up with a modified version of the sans serif font, which came to be known as the ‘Yahoo Font’ by its users.

Currently owned by Verizon Media, Yahoo has long lost the internet supremacy it held in the 1990s. The logo is all that prevailed.

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